Project Birdhouse

Sponsor a Home for Migratory Birds!

Become a part of an exciting & innovative program which supports the migratory bird population in New Baltimore, New York. Each birdhouse is hand-crafted and placed throughout the Hannacroix Creek Preserve.

Sponsors will be provided a picture and location of each home at the Preserve so you can visit to see who is inhabiting the birdhouse.

Your sponsorship is tax deductible under 501c.

Support this fun cause. Sponsor a birdhouse. Provide a home to migratory birds. And know you are sustaining the migratory bird population of New Baltimore, New York.

Sponsor Birdhouse – Regular size

Supports: Bluebirds, Doves, House Wrens, or a Tree Swallow.

Sponsor Birdhouse – Large Size

Supports: Owls or Kestrel.

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