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Long View Park

Scenic Hudson’s Long View Park property is 76 acres, part of the historic Bronk farm from the mid 19th century that was farmed through the mid 20th century.

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Leaving from the barn, a mown farm path passes through open fields to be maintained for grassland bird’s habitat.  An overlook path leads up to a view shed then drops through a suite of sumac, turns through a pine glade, passes by a man-made pond to the site of a residence, intended for a previous owner, ending at an overlook with terrific views of the Hudson River and Hoteling Island.  Beyond junction with the Overlook Path, the Farm Path drops down behind a low ridge, following a swale to the original farm equipment access road along the northern edge of the property.  It continues towards the river and south, passing through mature woods where eagles are often seen at ridge-height just above scouting out the river shore.  At height of land, continue south [and loop back to the overlook] or drop down north along the trail to the quarry area, an amphitheater-like residual of historic quarrying activities, and on south, along the river to a nice sandy beach and the remains of the ice house foundations.


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