Get Out to HCP – One of the Top Hiking & Biking Trails in the Albany Area!

Looking to explore the natural beauty of the Albany area? Look no further than the Hannacroix Creek Preserve, a 25-minute drive from downtown Albany! Enjoy an easy, family-friendly hike along several different trails that will take you to a waterfall, the foundation of a paper mill, or down to the Hudson River shoreline. Plus, youContinue reading “Get Out to HCP – One of the Top Hiking & Biking Trails in the Albany Area!”

Spring Sensations Visits HRIT

On Friday, we were joined by longtime NBC members John and Betty who led a group of students in their Spring Sensations course, a popular class at Hudson Valley Community College under the Creative Retirement Program. This course guides students through a number of local preserves to observe and learn about plants, wildlife, and theContinue reading “Spring Sensations Visits HRIT”

Don’t Get Ticked New York

Avoiding Lyme and other tick-borne diseases requires avoiding a tick bite! Join NYS Integrated Pest Management Program’s Joellen Lampman on Thursday, May 12th at 7pm at Cornell Fire House as she talks about the different ticks in our area and their biology, the diseases they carry, and how to protect yourself and others from beingContinue reading “Don’t Get Ticked New York”